The essential functions

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Fahrzeit
  • Total distance
  • Clock
  • Automatic Start / Stop (only R1 WR)

data transfer

R1 wr

The speedometer’s direct cable connection with the transmitter ensures smooth speed measurement. The R1 WR needs no battery for wired transmission, and you can use your bike computer for years without changing its battery.

R1 wl

You prefer wireless? No problem: The wireless (WL) encoded transmission eliminates the need for cables. A wireless transmitter attached to the fork continuously sends bicycle speed data to the R1 WL’s receiver.

Compact, yet clear

Keep it simple: The R1’s 27 x 35 mm display has plenty of room to display your current speed continuously while keeping other important functions easily visible too.

The display is simple: four different icons make it easy to see which function has been selected for the bottom line. The icons make the bike computer extremely easy to read.

Attachment with cable ties

r1 wr

You can mount the handlebar bracket and the speed transmitter to your bike with the cable ties (included). The bike computer receives all the data you need through the cable. The R1 WR can be removed and stowed conveniently at any time.

r1 wl

It could hardly be faster to mount: You can use the table ties to secure the handlebar bracket for the R1 WL and the speed transmitter in no time. The bike computer can be removed and stowed conveniently at any time.

Easy to operate

It couldn’t be easier: Thanks to its large button, the R1 can be operated safely during your ride. This makes it easy to toggle between individual functions. Combined with the larger display, this raises ergonomics to a new level.

More than two years of battery life

You never have to worry about your bike computer’s battery life. A small button battery (CR 2032) is sufficient to supply your R1 with energy for well over two years. This is just one example of the dependability and quality of SIGMA ORIGINALS!

Weatherproof partner

No matter what the weather, the R1 delivers. It is water-resistant and weatherproof and always reliable for your daily routine.

Easy tire size selection

The pre-defined tyre sizes, ranging all the way from a small child’s bike to a 29″ bike, make setting the R1 effortless. You can also enter the tire circumference exactly to the millimeter.

Features & functions

Total distance
Weight 24 g
Automatic start / stop with a time limit of 1 hours WL:
Automatic start/stop unlimited WR:
Available languages DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
Battery CR 2032
Dimension (WxLxH) 37 x 50 x 13,5 mm
Mount compatibility WL: Handlebar bracket 2032 WR: Cable bracket 2032 (90cm)
Programmable based on tire selection
Sensor technology WL: Speed
Service interval adjustable (by the retailer)
Typical battery life WL: 2 Years WR: 3 Years
Water resistant IPX7


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